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If you need someone to solve your industrial problem then you are at the right place, we offers number of services which are mentioned below. We are working with high skilled people having 13+ year of experience.

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Manufacturing of Paper Mold Die & Maintenance

Paper mold die is a tool that is used to manufacture paper products like paper cups, paper cones, paper plates, etc. This tool is used along with the power press. The concept of this tool is the same as conventional die and press machine

Press Maintenance & Part Manufacturing

Before press machine, a hammer was used to shape the metal which requires lots of effort and reduce the production also, but after some time industries increase the size and weight of the hammer to perform the operation even faster and cut the thicker pieces

Die Manufacturing & Maintenance

Die is a mechanical component or tool which is used mostly with the press machine to provide some shape to the raw material. It is used along with the punch which is mainly attached with the upper arm of the press machine and die fixed at the table of press machine.

Machining, Fabrication & Drilling Work

Machining- It is a process of removal of material to convert them into desired shape and size, machining involves rework as well as re-manufacturing of existing components. Machining is a very controlled process and requires continuous monitoring.

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