Die Manufacturing & Maintenance in Silvassa

Die Manufacturing & Maintenance in Silvassa

Die is a mechanical component or tool which is used mostly with the press machine to provide some shape to the raw material. It is used along with the punch which is mainly attached with the upper arm of the press machine and die fixed at the table of press machine.

Die and punch both depend upon each other and manufactured according to the product requirement and its specification. Die plays a very important role in fast production as well.

When we started our workshop in Silvassa our main objective was to manufacture the best quality of die in Silvassa as our works start going well we started getting clients from Vapi as well. We have totally around 10 years of experience in this field, we are providing top-quality dies to our customer who is in Silvassa, Vapi, Dadra Nagar Haveli.

But the main disadvantage of dies is they require maintenance after cutting a certain amount of sheet. After some time we started getting complaints from the customer related to the maintenance issue of the dying company started approaching us for that work as well so we launch our new service which is dying maintenance work in Silvassa people find that service very useful too.

The process of die manufacturing is very complex so that’s why Shiv Engineering uses to work with full precisions and provide a good product to its customer.

Here are the few examples of the kind of dies which we manufacture in-house.

Sheet Cutting Die–  It is basically a tool that is used to cut the sheet according to the specification of the product. Before dying people use to cut sheet with the help of a blade, this process of very time consuming and require a lot of effort too. Then die comes into a trend because people want their work done very fast with less effort.

Container dies– It is used to convert the raw material into the desired shape and size and vary according to the product specification.

Pin Punch die– This die is basically for punching application, the size of the die depends upon the customer requirement.

Cutting dies– The application of this die is very similar to sheet cutting die but this die is not specifically manufactured for sheet cutting.

Bending Die– Bending is a process that requires a huge amount of pressure to get into the desired shape. Bending die is a tool which is used to bend the material based upon its desired specification, by the use of proper die and press we can reduce the time and enhance the production speed.

As die manufacture it is our responsibility to manufacture quality products for our customers at very low cost, Shiv Engineering always believes that customer obsession is the key to success. We can provide dies with various specifications. We can also change the existing specification into a new if the customer wants that die to use for some other application.

Importance of Maintenance

Maintenace plays a large role to enhance the life of the tool, dies mostly used in the heavy application so after performing for a certain time period its starts wearing out and the quality of performance starts decreasing so that is why maintenance of dies is a very important factor.

There is some precaution which can be taken by industries like proper cleaning and lubrication which helps a lot and enhance the performance of the die and it also reduces the friction on the die.

Shiv Engineering provide proper solution and the time period after which maintenance needs to be done.

Shiv Engineering are providing all engineering work in silvassa and also conduct a workshop in silvassa.